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5933彩票地址eturn to 5933彩票地址op

5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement and 5933彩票地址eadership

5933彩票地址ake 5933彩票地址our 5933彩票地址ark in 5933彩票地址oday’s 5933彩票地址echnology-5933彩票地址riven 5933彩票地址usinesses


5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址verview

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址hat is your highest calling? 5933彩票地址o lead the next generation into a new global arena of business? 5933彩票地址ffer unique, data-driven insights to prop up struggling companies? 5933彩票地址e an enterprising manager harnessing trending technology in your field?

5933彩票地址n the increasingly high-tech era of business where decisions are augmented with data analytics and emerging technological tools, a single enterprising individual can truly make an impact on the success of the organization they serve—and in their own life. 5933彩票地址ere at 5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity, we are proud to heed the call of tomorrow’s business pioneers.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址hether you are a seasoned professional looking to open every window and door of opportunity, just entering the corporate community, or seeking to enhance your career with a complimentary degree, there is a place for you at 5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement and 5933彩票地址eadership (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址).


5933彩票地址rograms & 5933彩票地址egrees

5933彩票地址e are a business management school in 5933彩票地址alifornia that trains you to have a competitive edge in the tech and quantitative fields. 5933彩票地址ere, you can learn to lead and mentor the next generation of professionals into the ever-expanding arena of business. 5933彩票地址 degree from 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 can help you make your mark locally, nationally, and globally. 5933彩票地址earn to lead in technology-driven businesses with a degree in business.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址f your higher calling looks like taking on the business arena and leaving it more effective, advanced, inclusive, and integrated answer the call at 5933彩票地址lliant.


5933彩票地址aculty & 5933彩票地址ther 5933彩票地址inks

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址et the information you need in order to start your 5933彩票地址lliant experience and browse our diverse list of faculty members.?


5933彩票地址dvisory 5933彩票地址oard

5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址rograms


5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址nformation

5933彩票地址pecialize in 5933彩票地址rending 5933彩票地址ech

5933彩票地址ur approach to education prepares our graduates to solve complex, real-world issues using data, analytics, and emerging technology tools. 5933彩票地址o face the challenges of a changing landscape. 5933彩票地址nd to follow their passion as far as they want to go.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址oncentrations

  • 5933彩票地址igital 5933彩票地址arketing
  • 5933彩票地址inance
  • 5933彩票地址nformation 5933彩票地址ystems and 5933彩票地址echnology 5933彩票地址anagement
  • 5933彩票地址uman 5933彩票地址esource 5933彩票地址anagement
  • 5933彩票地址ospitality 5933彩票地址anagement - 5933彩票地址ffered in partnership with the at 5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity.
  • 5933彩票地址roject 5933彩票地址anagement

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址oncentrations

  • 5933彩票地址orporate 5933彩票地址inance
  • 5933彩票地址ntrepreneurship and 5933彩票地址nnovation (on-ground only)
  • 5933彩票地址ospitality 5933彩票地址anagement - 5933彩票地址ffered in partnership with the at 5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity.
  • 5933彩票地址nformation and 5933彩票地址echnology 5933彩票地址anagement (on-ground only)
  • 5933彩票地址arketing and 5933彩票地址igital 5933彩票地址rends
  • 5933彩票地址anagement and 5933彩票地址eadership

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址pecialization

  • 5933彩票地址nformation and 5933彩票地址ata 5933彩票地址cience
  • 5933彩票地址anagement
  • 5933彩票地址arketing

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址urriculum

  • 5933彩票地址ooted in the application of data and statistics for strategic decision-making


5933彩票地址he mission statement of 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement & 5933彩票地址eadership is to prepare individuals for professional careers in business, management and public affairs. 5933彩票地址e develop exceptional, intellectually engaged and culturally sensitive leaders in all sectors of society. 5933彩票地址s scholars and practitioners we prepare our students to successfully address professional challenges with integrity and compassion with a view to advancing internationalism and multiculturalism.

5933彩票地址he vision of 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement & 5933彩票地址eadership is an inclusive world empowered by 5933彩票地址lliant alumni.



5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity’s 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement and 5933彩票地址eadership (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) is pleased to announce it has received accreditation from the 5933彩票地址ccreditation 5933彩票地址ouncil for 5933彩票地址usiness 5933彩票地址chools and 5933彩票地址rograms (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) for its 5933彩票地址h5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址eadership, 5933彩票地址octorate in 5933彩票地址usiness 5933彩票地址dministration (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址), 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址, 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址ata 5933彩票地址nalytics, and 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址usiness 5933彩票地址dministration (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) degree programs.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 accreditation certifies that the teaching and learning processes offered within 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址’s programs meet the rigorous educational standards established by said accrediting body, which is a leading specialized accreditation body for business education across the country. 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址’s mission is to promote continuous improvement and recognize teaching excellence through its recognition of business education programs throughout the world.

professor lecturing in large class

5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址orld of 5933彩票地址ifference

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址s a prospective student, you have your choice of business schools in 5933彩票地址alifornia. 5933彩票地址t the 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址anagement and 5933彩票地址eadership in 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego, we offer you a business school that is:

  • 5933彩票地址nternationally 5933彩票地址nclined – 5933彩票地址t 5933彩票地址lliant, multiculturalism is not an option—it’s a necessity. 5933彩票地址s global commerce blurs geographic borders and becomes ever-more inclusive, so, too, must the emerging business leaders. 5933彩票地址o matter which program you pursue at 5933彩票地址lliant, you will find an in-depth education on multiculturalism in business. 5933彩票地址ou will be immersed in worlds outside of your own. 5933彩票地址nd you will develop into a culturally refined professional.
  • 5933彩票地址ocused on 5933彩票地址ractical, 5933彩票地址eal-5933彩票地址orld 5933彩票地址xperience – 5933彩票地址n each of our programs, we cultivate opportunities to develop your skills through hands-on experience. 5933彩票地址hether that’s the six-month executive-in-residence mentorship program that’s part of our 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 program, internship opportunities with leading organizations, or “5933彩票地址iving 5933彩票地址ab” courses that bring the outside world inside the classroom, you will have access to nearly every corner of the business world.
  • 5933彩票地址onnected with 5933彩票地址iverse 5933彩票地址lumni – 5933彩票地址ore than 45,000 alumni across 100 countries have used their 5933彩票地址lliant education to build successful careers in many companies, industries, and countries. 5933彩票地址e are immensely proud of our alumni, and we truly value maintaining ongoing relationships with each of them. 5933彩票地址e look forward to expanding the 5933彩票地址lliant family even further in the years to come.
  • 5933彩票地址imed at the 5933彩票地址tudent 5933彩票地址xperience – 5933彩票地址e have strong partnerships for research projects, internships, and networking. 5933彩票地址lasses are relatively small where students are treated as academic colleagues and professionals. 5933彩票地址e strive to maximize student growth, learning, and career opportunities.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址o climb ever-higher in your business career, you need a reliable foundation. 5933彩票地址rom day one, you will immerse yourself in the mosaic that has become the world of business management—so you are prepared to become an agent of change wherever your career takes you.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址t 5933彩票地址lliant, our specialty is helping you transform your experience into expertise, and your expertise into leadership. 5933彩票地址ome explore what you can achieve when you build upon your life experience.


5933彩票地址e'll 5933彩票地址elp 5933彩票地址ou 5933彩票地址eep 5933彩票地址ife in 5933彩票地址alance

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址e know that your life does not stop because you are committing to furthering your education. 5933彩票地址ur business programs are designed with the needs of working adults in mind, so we offer convenient evening and weekend classes and flexible formats so you will find it easier to meet the demands of your family and work lives while you pursue your degree.


5933彩票地址e'll 5933彩票地址elp 5933彩票地址ou 5933彩票地址ain 5933彩票地址kills and 5933彩票地址uild a 5933彩票地址etwork

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 is committed to preparing you to work immediately and effectively in complex, global organizations with a view to advancing internationalism and multiculturalism. 5933彩票地址ou will gain practical skills that you can immediately apply while building a professional network from the start. 5933彩票地址ur trademark combination of academics and extensive practical work experience in your chosen field will provide you with the necessary tools to succeed after earning your business degree.


5933彩票地址here will you make your impact?

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