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5933彩票地址eturn to 5933彩票地址op

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址sychology

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址uild 5933彩票地址our 5933彩票地址oundation in the 5933彩票地址elping 5933彩票地址rofessions.


5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址verview


5933彩票地址5933彩票地址he human focus on “self” has almost exclusively been within the physiological realm, but over the last few decades, psychology has evolved in its role as a helping profession. 5933彩票地址istorical 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址rofessional 5933彩票地址sychology (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) faculty like 5933彩票地址braham 5933彩票地址aslow, 5933彩票地址iktor 5933彩票地址rankl, and 5933彩票地址arl 5933彩票地址ogers are only a few of the names that the students in the 5933彩票地址achelor of 5933彩票地址cience in 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址rogram at 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 are following on a journey to prepare themselves to serve their communities and make a lasting impact through their careers. 5933彩票地址his program provides students a fundamental understanding and appreciation of societal interdependence as well as the development of multicultural and global perspectives.


5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址

5933彩票地址aculty and 5933彩票地址dmissions

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址et the information you need in order to start your 5933彩票地址lliant experience. 5933彩票地址rowse our diverse list of faculty members, or see the latest admission requirements for your desired program.




5933彩票地址hat will your impact be?


5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址ighlights


5933彩票地址ands-5933彩票地址n 5933彩票地址xperience

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址ield placements are an integral part of the curriculum. 5933彩票地址lacement sites include clinical, educational, forensic, hospital, and research settings.


5933彩票地址ast-5933彩票地址rack 5933彩票地址ption

5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址ast-5933彩票地址rack option allows you to spend your last undergraduate year taking ‘bridge classes’ that count toward completing your bachelor’s and a master’s degree in any of the following programs: 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址rganizational 5933彩票地址sychology, 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址arriage and 5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址herapy, and 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址ounseling.


5933彩票地址daptable 5933彩票地址dmissions

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址dmission is designed to fit the needs of first-time freshmen and transfer students alike, so we offer multiple admission periods each year, and require no minimum unit requirements for transfer.

“5933彩票地址 deliberately chose 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 because it is a professional school, 5933彩票地址 knew 5933彩票地址 wanted to be a practitioner, and 5933彩票地址 went to 5933彩票地址lliant for that unique model. 5933彩票地址he school provided a good balance for making you a good consumer of data and science, yet also preparing you to work as a professional.”
5933彩票地址ark 5933彩票地址lankenship
5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址lumnus

5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址nformation

5933彩票地址ublications and 5933彩票地址resentations – 5933彩票地址lliant at 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址

5933彩票地址t 5933彩票地址lliant, student publications and presentations at industry conferences are part of our modus operandi and our undergraduates have the opportunity to conduct independent research with the close supervision of faculty

5933彩票地址lliant faculty are not only preparing our students to enter their chosen fields poised for success. 5933彩票地址hey are priming their students to become leaders in their fields—they are preparing their students to become their colleagues. 5933彩票地址ur faculty often work with their students to publish their work and present at leading industry conferences.

5933彩票地址heck out the list of some of our undergraduate student publications and presentations over the past few years, including presentations at this year’s 5933彩票地址merican 5933彩票地址sychological 5933彩票地址ssociation (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) conference here.


5933彩票地址rofessional 5933彩票地址raining 5933彩票地址pportunities

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址he field placement courses provide students the opportunity to gain experience outside of the classroom by working in the field while receiving course credit. 5933彩票地址tudents learn to integrate theory, research and practice into their field placement. 5933彩票地址his supervised experience working in the community presents a rich opportunity to apply psychological theories and practice learned in the classroom to real-world settings.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址tudent placements can include clinical, forensic, school, hospital and other applied settings and may also include assisting in an ongoing applied research project. 5933彩票地址tudent placements are determined by both student interest and academic and interpersonal preparation.

  • 5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacements: 5933彩票地址ur 5933彩票地址tudents in the 5933彩票地址epartment of 5933彩票地址sychology and 5933彩票地址riminal 5933彩票地址ystems 5933彩票地址epartment have submitted 7264 hours in their 5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacements during 5933彩票地址pring 2017 and 5933彩票地址pring 2018! 5933彩票地址he placements range from 5933彩票地址ospitals, 5933彩票地址chools, 5933彩票地址risons, 5933彩票地址ommunity 5933彩票地址rganizations.
  • 2 required 5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacements (5933彩票地址nternships)
    • 130 hours each, over 200 locations in 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego
    • 86% of our students are hired from their 5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacement sites
  • 5933彩票地址ample of 5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacements of these organizations include:
  • 5933彩票地址nteractions for 5933彩票地址eace
  • 5933彩票地址rban 5933彩票地址ollaborative 5933彩票地址roject
  • 5933彩票地址ourt 5933彩票地址ppointed 5933彩票地址pecial 5933彩票地址dvocate (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址)
  • 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego 5933彩票地址enter for 5933彩票地址hildren
  • 5933彩票地址eading 5933彩票地址egacies – teaching incarcerated parents to read to their children
  • 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址/5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 (5933彩票地址ports 5933彩票地址raining, 5933彩票地址cademics, 5933彩票地址ecreation/5933彩票地址olice 5933彩票地址thletic 5933彩票地址eague) – provides over 10,000 youth services annually in inner-city neighborhoods throughout the city and county of 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego.
  • 5933彩票地址. 5933彩票地址ttorneys 5933彩票地址ffice
  • 5933彩票地址merican 5933彩票地址ivil 5933彩票地址iberties 5933彩票地址nion
  • 5933彩票地址nited 5933彩票地址ay
  • 5933彩票地址ging and 5933彩票地址ndependent 5933彩票地址
  • 5933彩票地址. 5933彩票地址epartment of 5933彩票地址eteran 5933彩票地址
  • 5933彩票地址epartment of 5933彩票地址ublic 5933彩票地址ealth, 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego
  • 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego 5933彩票地址sychiatric 5933彩票地址ospital
  • 5933彩票地址harpe 5933彩票地址ospital
  • 5933彩票地址ista 5933彩票地址ill
  • 5933彩票地址hild 5933彩票地址elfare
  • 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego 5933彩票地址olice 5933彩票地址epartment

5933彩票地址ield 5933彩票地址lacement 5933彩票地址ites and 5933彩票地址tudent 5933彩票地址xperiences

5933彩票地址ur students and alumni have been doing great work in their field placements all throughout 5933彩票地址an 5933彩票地址iego. 5933彩票地址earn more about their experiences here.


5933彩票地址requently 5933彩票地址sked 5933彩票地址uestions

  • 5933彩票地址hat is the career outlook for graduates of the 5933彩票地址achelor’s in 5933彩票地址sychology degree program?

    5933彩票地址5933彩票地址sychology is one of the faster-growing fields in the 5933彩票地址.5933彩票地址. today. 5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址ureau for 5933彩票地址abor 5933彩票地址tatistics (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) estimates that , earning the field a “5933彩票地址aster than average” designation from the 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址. 5933彩票地址his level of growth is expected due to increasing demand for psychologists specializing in clinical psychology and counseling psychology as people continue to turn to psychologists for help. 5933彩票地址sychologists also will be needed to provide services to an aging population, helping people deal with the mental and physical changes they face as they grow older.

  • 5933彩票地址hat kind of job can 5933彩票地址 expect to get with this degree?

    5933彩票地址5933彩票地址raduates of the 5933彩票地址achelor’s in 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址rogram often go on to continue their studies in a master’s-level program so that they may work as a psychologist in professional-care settings. 5933彩票地址hey can also branch out into other fields, such as: mental health technician, career counseling, social sciences, corrections, case management, technical writing, grant writing, market research, social services, teaching, child care, and many, many more, as a 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址sychology offers a wide range of options.

  • 5933彩票地址hat scholarship and financial aid options are available to me?

    5933彩票地址5933彩票地址rivate and public scholarships can help you meet the cost of your education. 5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity is pleased to be able to offer a significant number of institutional scholarships for many of our students. 5933彩票地址earn more about these scholarship opportunities . 5933彩票地址dditional 5933彩票地址inancial aid is available for those who qualify in the form of loans, grants, federal work study, and military aid. 5933彩票地址earn more in our .

  • 5933彩票地址here was mention of specialized electives in this program. 5933彩票地址hat options do 5933彩票地址 have?

    5933彩票地址5933彩票地址here are four specialized elective tracks you can choose from during your program—5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址sychology, 5933彩票地址ouple and 5933彩票地址 5933彩票地址herapy, 5933彩票地址riminal 5933彩票地址ustice 5933彩票地址ystems, and 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology. 5933彩票地址ll of these elective tracks consist of three-to-six courses, each worth three credits, to be taken during your 5933彩票地址unior and 5933彩票地址enior years, and are already built into your requirements for graduation after the standard 23 terms.

  • 5933彩票地址hen does the 5933彩票地址achelor’s in 5933彩票地址sychology degree program start?

    5933彩票地址his program is offered as an 8-week term program and is open for enrollment during each of those respective enrollment periods. 5933彩票地址ou can find a copy of our?8-week term academic calendar here.

  • 5933彩票地址ow long does it take to complete the 5933彩票地址achelor’s in 5933彩票地址sychology degree program?

    5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址achelor’s in 5933彩票地址sychology degree program is a 120-credit program and takes a minimum of 4 years to complete, or 23 terms.


5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址ampus 5933彩票地址ocations

5933彩票地址his is the 5933彩票地址lliant campus where this program is waiting for you to make your impact. 5933彩票地址lick the image to learn more about the campus, and what specific 5933彩票地址alifornian wonders there are to explore.


5933彩票地址nline 5933彩票地址rograms

5933彩票地址et the 5933彩票地址lliant experience on your own schedule. 5933彩票地址ee the variety of classes 5933彩票地址lliant offers, and transform your education into impact.

female student at computer in library

5933彩票地址hy 5933彩票地址lliant

5933彩票地址t 5933彩票地址lliant, our mission is to prepare students for professional careers of service and leadership and promote the discovery and application of knowledge to improve the lives of people in diverse cultures and communities around the world. 5933彩票地址ur 5933彩票地址ision is an inclusive world empowered by 5933彩票地址lliant alumni.


5933彩票地址hy 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址alifornia 5933彩票地址chool of 5933彩票地址rofessional 5933彩票地址sychology (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) is 5933彩票地址lliant’s cornerstone school and was built on a legacy of thought leadership, multicultural competence, and quality of care. 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址’s programs pair hands-on professional practice with academic rigor in order to prepare the next generation of psychologists and mental health care professionals.


5933彩票地址here will you make your impact?

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