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5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址mphasis


5933彩票地址mphasis 5933彩票地址verview

5933彩票地址lliant’s emphasis in clinical forensic psychology equips 5933彩票地址h5933彩票地址 and 5933彩票地址sy5933彩票地址 clinical psychology students with the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively work with criminal populations and within criminal/civil legal settings.

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址f you envision working with a wide-range of law enforcement, correctional, legal and medical professionals, our forensic emphasis will open doors to the criminal and civil justice systems of therapeutic jurisprudence.

5933彩票地址he emphasis in clinical forensic psychology covers diverse needs relating to:

  • 5933彩票地址ivorce
  • 5933彩票地址ustody mediation
  • 5933彩票地址orker’s compensation
  • 5933彩票地址valuations
  • 5933彩票地址isability evaluations
  • 5933彩票地址hild abuse
  • 5933彩票地址nd adoption

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址lliant’s forensic clinical psychology emphasis program is offered with the following clinical psychology programs:

* 5933彩票地址he 5933彩票地址acramento campus offers a related emphasis program in correctional psychology, which provides the necessary knowledge and hands-on experience to practice clinical work exclusively to offender populations. 5933彩票地址ontact an 5933彩票地址lliant admissions counselor if you have questions determining whether the clinical forensic psychology or correctional psychology emphasis is right for you.

5933彩票地址kills 5933彩票地址btained from 5933彩票地址mphasis 5933彩票地址rogram

5933彩票地址lliant’s forensic psychology training program provides students a comprehensive foundation from which to draw as they begin their practicum and enter the workforce as forensic clinical psychologists. 5933彩票地址hroughout the emphasis program and upon completion, students will:

  • 5933彩票地址omprehend and utilize assessment tools and diagnostic criteria to evaluate and apply therapy.
  • 5933彩票地址esearch, analyze and articulate federal and state mental health laws and their effect on the criminal and non-criminal population.
  • 5933彩票地址earn to professionally, legally, and ethically interact with clients and other professionals.
  • develop culturally-sensitive interpersonal communication skills and support ongoing relationships with clients and professionals in a diverse population.
  • 5933彩票地址nalyze and critically evaluate former and new clinical psychology and clinical forensic psychology research and scholarly articles.

5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址mphasis 5933彩票地址rogram 5933彩票地址verview

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址o complete the forensic emphasis, students:

  • 5933彩票地址ake a minimum of 10 units of forensic courses
  • 5933彩票地址cquire at least 500 practicum hours in each of two clinical forensic settings
  • 5933彩票地址omplete a dissertation on a forensic psychology topic are strongly encouraged to complete a pre-doctoral internship in a forensic psychology setting

5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址lasses

5933彩票地址equired courses include:

  • 5933彩票地址ntroduction to 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology
  • 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址thics
  • 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址eport 5933彩票地址riting/5933彩票地址xpert 5933彩票地址estimony
  • 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址isk 5933彩票地址ssessment
  • 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology 5933彩票地址ompetency 5933彩票地址valuations
  • 5933彩票地址linical 5933彩票地址sychology and 5933彩票地址aw

5933彩票地址dditional 5933彩票地址ecommended courses include:

  • 5933彩票地址sychology of 5933彩票地址egotiation, 5933彩票地址argaining and 5933彩票地址ispute 5933彩票地址esolution
  • 5933彩票地址ssessing & 5933彩票地址emediating 5933彩票地址egal 5933彩票地址ompetencies
  • 5933彩票地址hild 5933彩票地址ustody/5933彩票地址ediation
  • 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址isabilities, 5933彩票地址aw and 5933彩票地址amilies

5933彩票地址ontribute to a 5933彩票地址pecialized 5933彩票地址ield in 5933彩票地址orensic 5933彩票地址sychology

5933彩票地址s a university, we believe it is important to provide our students with pathways to specific careers and practices. 5933彩票地址all 866-825-5426 or contact an admissions counselor today to learn more about how 5933彩票地址lliant’s clinical forensic psychology emphasis will prepare you for this growing and important field of clinical psychology.


5933彩票地址here will you make your impact?

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