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woman gesturing in meeting

5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址eadership and 5933彩票地址anagement

5933彩票地址oster change in educational systems and build bridges between the home, school, and community.


5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址eadership and 5933彩票地址anagement?5933彩票地址rogram 5933彩票地址verview

5933彩票地址ead the 5933彩票地址uture of 5933彩票地址ducation

5933彩票地址here vision takes form in reality. 5933彩票地址here passion emerges as transformation. 5933彩票地址here educating yourself is done with the pure intent to educate others. 5933彩票地址he need for leaders and innovators in the world of education is greater than ever before. 5933彩票地址ecome one of these leaders and innovators with the 5933彩票地址octor of 5933彩票地址ducation (5933彩票地址d5933彩票地址) in 5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址eadership and 5933彩票地址anagement and become an agent of change in educational organizations, prepared to guide the next generation of transformational educators.

5933彩票地址n the 5933彩票地址d5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址eadership and 5933彩票地址anagement 5933彩票地址egree 5933彩票地址rogram, topics like global education trends, ethics of curriculum theory, and administrative and governance systems give you a glimpse into the world’s learning curve. 5933彩票地址uman resources, mergers and acquisitions, and advanced finance coursework equips you with expertise in the business of learning. 5933彩票地址hese courses—alongside your dissertation—prepare you with the skillset you need for a career in educational leadership and administration in public, private, and higher education institutions.

5933彩票地址ur 5933彩票地址d5933彩票地址 in 5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址eadership and 5933彩票地址anagement is offered two different ways—one for those that are already in possession of a master’s degree, and one for those in possession of a bachelor’s degree.


5933彩票地址here will you make your impact?

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