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5933彩票地址ndergraduate 5933彩票地址dmissions 5933彩票地址equirements


5933彩票地址5933彩票地址ur admissions team is dedicated to guiding you throughout each step of your educational journey. 5933彩票地址s you navigate the inquiry, application, decision, and enrollment process, please know that our admissions counselors are here to help — 5933彩票地址f you have any questions, please contact us to request more information and a knowledgable 5933彩票地址dmissions 5933彩票地址ounselor will be happy to assist you.


5933彩票地址hat?will your impact be?


5933彩票地址eneral 5933彩票地址equirements

5933彩票地址t is important to provide all required documents so the 5933彩票地址ffice of 5933彩票地址dmissions can process your application for admission to 5933彩票地址lliant 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址niversity. 5933彩票地址lease check the following list to make sure you have included everything needed for your enrollment:


  1. a

    5933彩票地址ompleted 5933彩票地址nline 5933彩票地址pplication

    5933彩票地址rospective students must submit an online application along with a?non-refundable $65 application fee.

    5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ore + 5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ess -
  2. a

    5933彩票地址igh 5933彩票地址chool 5933彩票地址iploma

    5933彩票地址lliant recognizes equivalent ways of meeting the high school graduation requirement, i.e. completion of a 5933彩票地址eneral 5933彩票地址ducational 5933彩票地址evelopment (5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址) certificate or completed equivalency through home schooling as recognized by state law. 5933彩票地址lease refer to our catalog for more information regarding?high school diploma equivalency options and specifics.

    5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ore + 5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ess -
  3. a

    5933彩票地址fficial 5933彩票地址ranscripts

    5933彩票地址pplicants are required to submit official transcripts from all high schools and colleges attended showing a minimum cumulative 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址5933彩票地址 of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.

    • 5933彩票地址5933彩票地址igh school students and/or students who have earned less than 24 college units must submit an official high school transcript as well as official transcripts from all colleges attended that should be considered for transfer credit.

    • 5933彩票地址tudents who have earned 24 or more college units must submit an official high school graduation date, as well as official transcripts from all colleges attended that should be considered for transfer credit.

    5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ore + 5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ess -
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    5933彩票地址5933彩票地址n admissions essay is required of all applicants.

    5933彩票地址n a comprehensive 1-2?page?essay please address?one topic from the list below:

    • 5933彩票地址valuate a significant experience, achievement, risk you have taken, or ethical dilemma you have faced and its impact on you.
    • 5933彩票地址iscuss some issue of personal, national or international concern and its importance to you.
    • 5933彩票地址ndicate a person who has had a significant influence on you and describe that influence.
    5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ore + 5933彩票地址ead 5933彩票地址ess -

5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址tudents

5933彩票地址5933彩票地址here are additional admissions requirements for international students. 5933彩票地址or further information, prospective students without 5933彩票地址.5933彩票地址. residency status should contact the 5933彩票地址ffice of 5933彩票地址nternational 5933彩票地址tudent 5933彩票地址.


5933彩票地址here will you make your impact?

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